The range consists of 25, 50, 100, 200 & 300 yard backstops with 11 solid, covered
shooting benches resting on concrete slabs.  Events Center. Two clay trap fields. Two
open clay throwing stations. A 10 station walk through sporting clays range will challenge
your shotgun skills. See our
2016 Calendar For scheduled shoots.
Our Clubhouse, picnic area, pavilion, 6’ fire ring, grilles and picnic tables, rounds out our
member opportunities.
Warroad Lost River Sportsmen Complex
"If you value your right to keep and bear arms, you should be an active member of the N.R.A."  Click
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Welcome To The WLRSC Home Page
Monthly Meetings 2nd Tuesday every month 6:00 pm at the Warroad Public
Safety building. Enter at the South West doors  Please join us if you can.

Year end ramblings
Happy New Year, everyone.  2016 is behind us and it was another good one.  
Once again, we were 100% safe!  Our new parking area is complete and is
being used heavily during our trap events.  The new 25 yard bunkers have been
updated and new 2x4 holders will be made this winter that will make it even
easier to replace 2x4s.  Also, 2x4 holders have been installed at each bunker to
keep the replacements more visible for shooters.  We’ve started to extend the
canopy over the rifle range benches and that project will be completed in the
spring.  Our list was smaller in 2016 and continues to decrease, with no large,
costly projects left.  Thanks to a shrinking project list AND the loyal support of our
donors, sponsors, advertisers and members, I anticipate NO MAJOR
  Perhaps our greatest accomplishment for 2016 was the start of our WLRSC
Endowment Fund, which will help us ensure the future of the WLRSC!  Thanks to
the tremendous support, we have over $12,000 in that fund today.  Thanks to all
that have donated.  If you haven’t already donated and would like to do so,
please contact me.  Large or small, all donations matter.  They can be set up as
a one-time donation, a monthly donation or a yearly donation.  Also, THEY ARE
TAX DEDUCTABLE!  If you’re looking for a last minute deduction, we can help
with that.  Give me a call and I’ll walk you through it.
   We have  two main projects for 2017.  The first is to do some landscaping and
grass seeding in the Event Center.  This was a project for 2016 but got delayed
due to the wet weather.  The second is to extend the berm between the rifle
range and the trap range to eliminate ricochets onto the trap range. Since this
will be more costly, we’ll be applying for another DNR grant to help with it.  Other
than that, it’ll be maintenance projects for 2017.  Keeping the road in shape,
keeping the berms filled, keeping 2x4s available and accessible, keeping the
garbage picked up, keeping the range accessible, keeping the bugs
manageable and keeping the range looking great!   
  Our 3 gun / handgun shoots continue to prosper with different scenarios each
time.  Come out to watch.  Stay, participate and enjoy!  Nothing but good
comments on them.  Contact Brandon or myself if you're interested in helping or
shooting.  Our trap events continue to grow, too.  The WWTC crew runs a tight
ship and we’ve had ZERO issues with the kids.  Thanks to all the people that
volunteer their time to help make it a great high school sport!  Summer trap
league grew a little again this year with 6 teams competing.  Wilmer’s Honey
edged out the Springsteel crew for 1st place this year with Security State Bank,
AFLAC, Streiffs #1 and Streiffs #2 all coming in close behind.  Great fun and
camaraderie.  If you want to have a team in 2017, contact Randy Lovelace or
myself.  You won’t regret it.
  It would be great to have some more shooting events at the range, especially
for the kids.  If you’re interested in leading one, let me know and we’ll work out
the details.  One new and exciting event was held at the range this August when
we hosted the first ever Streiff Range Day as part of their Hunting Expo.  Over a
dozen manufacturer’s reps were on hand demoing their products.  It’s always
great when you get to try out guns BEFORE you buy AND do it for free!  SSG is
working on another one for 2017 so keep your eyes open!  By the way, I heard
nothing but positive remarks from the reps about this little gem of the north that
we call the WLRSC!  They were all impressed!
   On that same note, I’m super excited about the upcoming 2017 AGLOW
(Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers) Range Day that will be held on
September 26th at the WLRSC!  150 outdoor writers from around the country,
along with a bunch of major firearms, ammunition, archery, truck and ATV
manufacturers are expected to be at the range that day, utilizing it for their
annual event.  It’s going to be a great opportunity for us to showcase our facility.  
   Since our project list is decreasing and we’re entering more of a maintenance
mode, plus the fact that we’re having a difficult time trying to find people willing to
dedicate any time to managing the organization, we’ve decided to amend the
bylaws and eliminate 2 director positions by 2018.  By then, we will be down to 8
officers on our board instead of 10, which we have now.  We’re always looking
for people who are willing to step forward and help, whether it be on the board,
on a committee or just helping with events and maintenance.  It’s a great
opportunity to help an awesome organization.  As with any organization, it won’t
exist without dedicated volunteers!  Call me if you’re interested in helping.
  Thanks to all who helped financially and/or physically at the range and in the
management of the range this past year.  It couldn’t happen without you.  Thank
you all for the comments and support that keep us going.   Finally, Thank You for
allowing me the opportunity to fuel my passion over the last few years.  We’ve
Got’R Done!!!   I’m looking forward to a great 2017 and, as always, feel free to
call me with any questions.
Rick 218-242-2071